Screw Load Monitoring with DREMODISC

This new fibre optic sensor is based on mode distribution effects of a very special new optical fibre that is incorporated into the washer. The surface pressure between the screw head and the washer is monitored and displayed on the electronic evaluation unit tightly fixed to the washer. Once the required pressure value has been set, the unit indicates any drop of surface pressure (equals torque) below this set value by an amber alert LED and an electrical output signal.

The SPASS® Dremodisc is powered by small button cells, which are good for long periodical operation for more than a year. The standard size range runs from M 24 to M 120, other sizes are available on request.

If remote monitoring is required, the pressure status (including the ID of the washer in concern) can also be transmitted by an optionally available wireless module to a 315 MHz receiver for further automatical data processing.


Your benefits:

  • Avoids bad publicity
  • Eliminates contaminations
  • Ensures maximum efficiency of your process / machine
  • Proactive anti-leakage measures can be taken
  • No business interruption / Full output of your production



Among appropriate applications are safety-relevant screw connections in power plants, high pressure machinery, chemical reactors and nuclear facilities. Early-warning systems for critical screw joints (leakage detection, prevention of costly material loss) are easily set up, in order to eliminate expensive maintenance teams with complex tool equipment.

Needless to say that your maintenance costs will be reduced drastically by the SPASS® Dremodisc - So if you are worrying about the safety reliability of your technical facilities - the SPASS® Dremodisc is the right device to help you on!