Bolt tension Monitoring by Fibre Optic Sensor Screw "MoniBolt"


The fibre optic sensor screw "MoniBolt"  simply replaces the previous scew , without any remarkable loss of stability  compared to the previous system.


A fibre optic cable  is simply connected to the fibre optic coupling placed in the screw head. This cable connects the evaluation unit to the sensor, so that both a permanent and a sporadic monitoring is realizable without recalibration.

This is of great advantage especially for quality and working process management.


The available bolt sizes run from M 16 to M 64 , bigger sizes on request.


Among appropriate applications are safety-relevant screw connections in power plants, high pressure machinery, chemical reactors and nuclear facilities. Early-warning systems for critical screw joints (leakage detection, prevention of costly material loss) are easily set up, in order to eliminate expensive maintenance teams with complex tool equipment.





Your Benefits

  • Both sporadic and permanent monitoring of screw preload
  • no recalibration needed
  • No electricity at the point of measurement
  • disturbance-free signal transmission
  • no signal repeater required for up to 10 km